Home Technology Model S and X prices remain the same despite Tesla Model 3 price drop.

Model S and X prices remain the same despite Tesla Model 3 price drop.

by Amy Sheldon
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The Model 3 suddenly became less expensive, while the Model Y is now more expensive.

The most popular electric vehicle (EV) is now much more affordable as the price of the Tesla Model 3 drops.

On the other side, the Model Y’s price has just increased. Regarding the Model S and X EVs, however

Tesla Model 3 Cost Declines in 2023

The price of its all-electric vehicles, including the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y, was changed by Elon Musk’s massive EV company.

According to a recent article by Inside EVs, the major carmaker reduced the price of the Model 3 sedan by roughly $500.


It’s important to remember that the Model 3 EV Rear-Wheel Drive used to cost only about $44,000. This time, however, the price only begins at $43,490.

The Performance variant’s price, which is $53,990, has not altered in the meantime.

What about the Model S and Model X from Tesla?

In its analysis, Electrek points out that only the Model Y and Model 3 are affected by Tesla’s most recent price changes.

As a result, the prices of its other EV products, including the Model X and the Model S, are unchanged.

According to Inside EVs, the performance Plaid model of the Model S sedan starts at $114,990, while the Long Range variant is still available at $94,990.

The cost of the Tesla Model X remains the same. The price of the Performance option is still $119,990. The All-Wheel Drive Long Range’s asking price of $109,990 was not changed.

Tesla Model Y Price Increase

On the other hand, the EV manufacturer, which is owned by Musk, made the Model Y a little more pricey.

The Model Y’s all-electric SUV will cost more now that the tax credit rule in the US has been updated, giving it a price rise of about 2%.

From its prior MSRP of $56,990, the Tesla Model Y Performance model sees a price increase of almost $1,000. Starting price is currently $57,990.

The All-Wheel Drive Long Range, which was formerly only $53,490, is included in the price increase. It received an additional $1,500 increase, increasing its retail price to $54,990.

According to Tesla, all of its most recent Model 3 and Model Y EVs are eligible for the new federal tax credit, which has a maximum value of $7,500.

According to the massive carmaker, “qualified consumers may qualify for a federal tax credit on new Model 3 and Model Y automobiles.”

It is important to note that the above pricing did not include Destination fees and Order fees, which run about $1,650.

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